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remember swine flu reblog if ur a tru 2009 kid

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Why the fuck is it called a reblog? you arent taking someones blog and passing it along. Youre taking a post and moving it along. staff why isnt it called a repost?

because fuck you thats why

The Good Left Undone
Rise Against
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The Good Left Undone | Rise Against

"All because of you I believe in angels, not the kind with wings, no, not the kind with halos. The kind that bring you home when home becomes a strange place."

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African American Horror Story

It was at that moment

Chris knew

He fucked up

And in that moment

he could swear

the ass-whoopin would be infinite

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David Letterman is going to have a fascinating guest on The Late Night Show October 8th…

That’s right! It’s the blue-haired diva herself HATSUNE MIKU!!!! 

The official MIKU EXPO Twitter announced that the popular variety late night talk show, starring David Letterman and Paul Shaffer, will have Miku perform to show off the technologies of how a live concert would work. This is likely to promote the MIKU EXPO event which takes place a few days after that show. 

It’s good to know that Miku is expanding to places we never thought imaginable! 

(Info taken from MikuFan)

w hat the fuck is happening

my favorite thing about this is that it leads to one of two equally perfect conclusions:

a) david letterman has absolutely no idea what a vocaloid is and will have to suffer through his own talk show being briefly taken over by a chirping holographic cartoon robot teenager using technology he only vaguely understands, or

b) david letterman currently is/will soon be a fan of hatsune miku

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Late valentine illustration!… i’m only two days late, not too bad , right!?

Guys I’ve got a serious problem with how much I love mituna and these two cuties together and lladaf buh.

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